Movie Mates – angol filmklub indult a Pataki Moziban

Movie Mates – English film club in the Sárospatak Cinema

On Monday 12th February a new English-language film club started in Sárospatak cinema with the film Big Fish, Tim Burton’s fantasy-comedy.
Reactions were positive and included, ‘I understood almost everything’, ‘I’d seen it in Hungarian but now I understand the message of the film’ and ‘It was really funny’.

Watching films can be a great way to improve your English as you absorb expressions and pronunciation whilst being carried on a journey through time and space, surfing your emotions and memories. The discussion following gives you the chance to talk about your experience and listen to others’ ideas with English teachers and students. And to meet new friends in our town.

Stories are part of our lives, and films bring them to life for us. So what better way to enjoy them than with the full cinema experience and then to discuss them with friends old and new – with free popcorn! Movie Mates is open to all who would like to watch films in English in the cinema, particularly secondary and college students. No matter how good the dubbing is, it is never as authentic as words spoken by the original actors and actresses who spend months preparing for their role. And remember, each time we’ll be drawing two lucky winners who will have free tickets to the next film club.

Hope to see you on Monday 5th March at 6 pm for the coming of age comedy The Way, Way Back.

Február 12-én indult a Movie Mates angol filmklub a Pataki Moziban, ahol a Tim Burton rendezte Nagy hal című filmet vetítettük. A vendégek reakciói általában ezek voltak: “majdnem mindent értettem”, “láttam már magyarul korábban, de most értettem meg a film üzenetét…” ill. “tök jó volt”.
Egy biztos, aki ott volt, élvezte, ahogy a képeken is látszik. A film után remek beszélgetés alakult ki közösen, majd csoportokban – angolul.
Sorsoltunk is a résztvevők között:
Két szerencsés a következő alkalommal – március 5-én, 18 órától – ingyen jöhet az Első igazi nyár című film vetítésére (természetesen angolul, angol felirattal)!

Reméljük Te is ott leszel a következő alkalommal!
És igen, az ott az utolsó képeken ukulele….

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